Helpful Information for New Clients - Week One

Helpful Information for New Clients - Week One

This is our personal training library. You have access to this exclusive content as long as you are an active client. You will receive an invitation to access the Knowledge Base and join our Client Community.

Schedule Your Next Meeting with PBS:

Reach Us Via Cliq (Text): 
You may Cliq us anytime day or night. We will respond as quickly as possible. If something is urgent, please call. We try to avoid emailing our clients as much as possible.

Start Zoho Here: or (bookmark these in your browser)

Learn About All Zoho One Apps:

Get Zoho Help & Training Resources:  
Check documentation:
Place tickets with Zoho:  Ticket:
Place tickets with Zoho:   Email:
Call:  1-888-900-9646  Help desk available M-F 24 hours 

Download Zoho One Apps on Your Phone:
There are many. Start with the Zoho One app which will launch you to the others.  Consider adding: Cliq, Mail, WorkDrive and Notebook to your phone.
Go to your Play Store and search for Zoho One or

New Zoho Mail Account:
If you have a new Zoho mail account, we may clean out your email periodically to remove unnecessary, automated emails from Zoho or Facebook/Instagram that are related to our building your business.  We will NOT delete emails related to how to use Zoho; we will leave those in there for your review.  You can delete them whenever you want. Anything we delete will sit in the Deleted folder for 30 days so  you can always eyeball that area if you have any desire to.

Do NOT set up Two Factor or Multi-Factor Authentication
Please hold off on Two Factor Authentication until you no longer wish for PBS to access your account. Enabling this would require us to get a phone code from you each time we work in your account.
You may see this pop up from Zoho multiple times every few weeks. Choose Remind Me Later until we no longer need access to your Zoho One account.

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